O'Lait is 100% fresh Australian milk brand designed for the export market. From an award winning supplier*, O’Lait uses the latest ESL systems to ensure that their milk has a great fresh taste and smooth creamy texture that makes the perfect café latte.

O’Lait is also 100% permeate free, meaning that the milk is not watered down to save costs, giving our customers the full nutritional value of fresh milk.


Every 100ml of O'Lait fresh milk comes from grass fed Australian cows and contains a minimum of 114mg of calcium for strong bone development.


Enjoy the flavor and enjoy the benefits of O'Lait.


Olé Olé Olé…  O’Lait!


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O'Lait is now available on city'super and food services industry


*DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition 2013.