Royal ERU has roots that date back to 1824, when a man by the name of Egbert Ruijs (E RU), a cheese lover through and through, established the company.


We are headquartered in Woerden, Holland. Our production facility meets the highest hygiene and food safety requirements, such as the HACCP and BRC. We have been permitted to carry the ‘Royal’ designation since 1999.


Already 185 years, we have been a leading producer of processed cheese products, with brands such as ERU Gouda, ERU Kids, ERU Balans and ERU Cheese Specialties (ERU Chevre Doux, ERU Crème de Brie, ERU Crème au Bleu and ERU a la Truffe)


ERU products include:

-  Cheese spread in cups

-  Cheese slices

-  Cheese triangles

-  Cheese spread in tubes

-  Portion cheese spread 


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