Established in 1978, IPSA is always innovative and customer-oriented in providing high quality products and helpful and useful solutions and supports to customers.

HALTA is the brand of ice-cream, confectionery and bakery products under IPSA.


Distributing in more than 60 countries worldwide, IPSA is experienced in different markets and knows well about different needs.With sound experience, advanced technology, continuous research and laboratory tests, and strict quality control, IPSA produces a wide and innovative product range.

 Other than production, IPSA also concerns about customers’ application. This drives IPSA to establish own training center well equipped for confectionery, bakery and ice-cream demos and shows.

Environment and continuous development are definitely IPSA’s mission to carry as a social responsibility.Through the photovoltaic system, IPSA produces electricity in the most green way, and reaches an annual saving of about 64 tons of carbon dioxide. (CO2).


IPSA & HALTA products include:

-  UHT non-dairy cream

-  Fruit Topping

-  Fruit Paste

-  Confectionery Mix

-  Biancodeco Non Hygroscopic‭ ‬Icing Sugar

-  Gelato Base


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