Santa VittoriaSince its inception 15 years ago, Santa Vittoria’s premium image and quality makes itself one of the best choices of Premium Mineral Water among celebrated chefs. Santa Vittoria is served in many of Australia’s award winning restaurants, coffee shops and international hotels, which include: Four Seasons, Hyatt Group, Guillaume at Bennelong, Bennelong Point in Sydney Opera House and Tetsuya’s Restaurant etc. Santa Vittoria is also expanding rapidly throughout the Asia Pacific and the USA.


Extracted at source in Dolomiti Mountains, Northern Italy, Santa Vittoria Mineral Water is one of the most purest waters available. It gives a natural light carbonation and contains extremely low sodium level, which makes Santa Vittoria the perfect accompaniment to fine dining as it does not alter the flavor of cuisine.


Every bottle of Santa Vittoria Mineral Water is beautifully presented with Alexander Cabanel’s best known painting, The Birth of Venus (1863). This image was chosen to convey the purity associated with Santa Vittoria natural mineral water. The Birth of Venus is a fitting choice as it depicts the myth of Venus being born out of the waves of the sea and was a perfect fit for a timeless traditional brand such as Santa Vittoria.

Santa Vittoria products include:
Mineral water; 
Sodas; Iced Teas; Nectars 
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