Devondale Murray Goulburn Brand Story

Devondale Murray Goulburn - Farmer owned
In 1900, there were more than 100 dairy cooperatives in Victoria, Australia. In 1950, a group of dairy farmers joined together to form what is today, Australia’s largest farmer owned dairy cooperative.


“Devondale Murray Goulburn Cooperative” is owned by over 2500 passionate dairy farmer shareholders, processing one-third of Australia’s milk supply.


Being part of farmer owned cooperative means they all work together to achieve the same goals. Many of the farmers come from generations of proud dairy farming families who operate self-owned dairy farms across Australia’s dairy regions. Often the whole family is involved in producing the great tasting, nutritious milk that goes into all Devondale Murray Goulburn products. They live and work on their farms, and must adhere to strict government testing to ensure all Devondale Murray Goulburn products meet the
highest quality standards.


Quality :

• Australia’s biggest dairy producer
• Certified by global food safety and Australian Government standards that ensure highest quality and product safety


Freshness :

Milk goes from farm to pack in the shortest time possible


Real Australian Dairy :

Happy & healthy cows live on clean, green, fertile Australian
pastures and produce 100% pure milk


MG products include:

- Natural Cheese: Hard Cheese, Semi-hard Cheese, Soft Cheese

- Milk fat product: Butter, AMF, Butteroil

- Milk Powder: Full Cream Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder

- Whey Powder, Milk Protein

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