Comptoir Français du Thé Honeybush Bio

Ingredient : Honeybush

Honeybush is so named because the flowers smells honey. The taste of honeybush is similar to rooibos and is characterized by a flowery aroma and taste like mountain honey.

Comptoir Français du Thé Thé Des Vacances Bio

Ingredient : Organic green tea, organic black tea, organic sunflower petals, natural flavours

Golden-hair tea which marries the freshness of bergamot with the sweet of fruits. Now take a breather sit down take a sip and the holidays aren’t as bad, are they?

Comptoir Français du Thé Earl Grey Flowers

Ingredient : Black tea, cornflower and marigold petals, flavours

All the splendor of bergamot with accents of (range blossoms), enhanced with mallow petals. A large standard acclaimed by many.

Comptoir Français du Thé Couleur Chocolat

Ingredient : Black tea, black chocolate chips, almond fragments (2%), orange peels, flavours

For all chocolate addicts ! A very successful partition, illuminated by bright notes of bitter orange zest.

Comptoir Français du Thé Mona Lisa

Ingredient : Black tea, mulberry leaves, strawberry pieces, marigold petals

Sipping the fragrance, this fruity liquor, slightly tart where peaches and red fruits mingle with the sweet scent of  coconut. Summer, heat and light in your cup.

Comptoir Français du Thé Violette Mon Amour

Ingredient : Black tea, flavours, mallow petals

All the scents of the Southwest of France in this tea. Let yourself be seduced by the mythical violet, the fragrance of which enchanting and sweet, was accredited an aphrodisiac power.

Comptoir Français du Thé Oolong Caramel Beurre Salé

Ingredient : Semi-fermented tea, caramel cubes, white sugar butterflies, flavours

The salted butter toffee sticks to the image of the French Britanny and conquered the world. Now the oolong with salted butter toffee will also strengthen the image of Comptoir Francais du The a faultless world tour. Enjoy with a Kouign Amann or pancakes at the shadeof a menhir.

Comptoir Français du Thé Kama Sutra

Ingredient : Black tea, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, orange peels, flavours, cardamom, anise, fennel, lemon peels, marigold petals, rose petals, orange blossoms

An unusual and mischievous green tea based blend, combining the thousand-year-old virtues of tea, herbs and spices.

Comptoir Français du Thé Goût Russe Guruchka

Ingredient : Black tea, orange peels, flavours

A Russian style widely enjoyed, a blend of bergamot and citrus, a rich full-bodied cup. Add a splash of milk and sugar to bring out the citrus overtones of this blend. 

Comptoir Français du Thé Mira Bella

Ingredient : Green tea, marigold petals, flavours

This tea, handmade from selected for their very long tips is produced only in summer. On a base of green tea, this combination will make you discover or rediscover the gustatory notes of this plump fruit, delicate taste from our Northern East France.

Comptoir Français du Thé Figue Du Soleil

Ingredient : Black tea, green tea, white tea, rosehip, flavours

All the festivity of the South-East of France in this joyful blend with figs flavours !

Comptoir Français du Thé Fleurs De La Jungle

Ingredient : Black tea, rose petals, cornflower and marigold petals, flavours

This colourful tea, combining multiple flavours, takes the most demanding palate along a subtile fruity walk. Indulge your taste buds and your eyes. Give it a try.

Comptoir Français du Thé Camomile

Ingredients : Chamomile

Chamomile is a small white flower with a mild and floral savour but a slight bitter taste. It has been noted asbeneficial for soothing headaches and is a natural relaxing herb known to assist the restless and those suffering frominsomnia.

Comptoir Français du Thé Infusion Méditerranée

Ingredients : Apple cubes, rosehip, pineapple cubes, lavender, lemongrass, mallow flowers

Fresh, delicate, nuanced, an infusion with the good smell of the South.



Comptoir Français du Thé African Dream

Ingredients : Organic Rooibush, organic marigold flowers

A fresh soft background of red fruits and citrus make this tea pure joy in a cup.



Comptoir Français du Thé Thé des Amoureux

Ingredients : Thé noir, thé vert, orange peels, cornflowers, rose petals, marigold flowers, safflower

A tea with both sweet and beguiling, fresh and spicy on thefinish, this is a passion fruit based tea, full of character and promises .


Comptoir Français du Thé Thé Vert au Jasmin

Ingredients : Green tea, jasmin flowers

A major classic of Chinese green teas. To be drunk straight up.





Comptoir Français du Thé Japan Lime

Ingredients : Green tea, lemon peels, marigold flowers

A cup with a bright golden yellow liquor and well-balanced delicate and fruity flavour, where lemon notes surround thegreen tea vegetal notes. As good hot as iced.

Comptoir Français du Thé Kimono

Ingredients : Green tea, cornflowers, rose petals, marigold flowers

This colourful tea with flavours of peach and apricot, which creates an explosion of flavor,aroma and health benefits. This is a delicious green tea and perfect for those who have not tried green tea before.

Comptoir Français du Thé Thé à la Menthe

Ingredients : Green tea, mint leaves

This blend of Gunpowder green tea and Moroccan mint, drunk very hot or verysweet, is the national drink of northern Africa. The tradition says that it is “Bitter as Death, Sweet as Life and Soft asLove”.

Comptoir Français du Thé Boston 1773

Ingredients : Black teas

A rich full-bodied blend full of character with a well-balanced aromatic bouquet. Combination of the best qualities ofAssam, Kenya and Yunnan.


Comptoir Français du Thé Grand Earl Grey

Ingredients : Black tea

The fruity round notes of the Ceylon OP tea blend beautifully with the vividness of the bergamot flavour.



Comptoir Français du Thé Darjeeling FOP

Ingredients : Black tea

Distinguished, round and aromatic. Very nice with cold milk.




Comptoir Français du Thé Ceylan OP

Ingredients : Black tea

Classical black tea with regular leaves and a fragant flavour.