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Faema - Barcode

Origin: Italy

Dimension: 630(D)X350(W)X670(H) mm

Equipped with the patented Smart Boiler technology and exclusive Milk Precision System. Coffee group characterised by a variable chamber to ensure optimal extraction of any kind of beverage. 

Faema - X1

Origin: Italy
Dimension: 605(D)x350(W)x756(H) mm

Equipped with the patented Smart Boiler technology, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity. Including 8 selection buttons for different coffee beverages and hot water option.

Astoria - Gemma

Origin:  Italy
Dimension: 600(D)x410(W)x790(560)(H)mm

Allowing you to customize your own coffee and continuous use under intense operation and production. The descaling system automatically cleans the internal circuits of milk residues.

Melitta - Cafina® CT8

Origin: Germany

Dimensions: 649(D)X350(W)X774(H) mm

With the Melitta® Cafina® CT8 you can dispense a range of customized coffee/milk products, from Espresso to White Coffee or even decaffeinated Cappuccino. The hourly capacity of 200 cups/hour guarantees the fast and efficient preparation of your orders.

Melitta - Cafina® XT6

Origin: Germany

Dimensions: 580(D)X300(W)X710(H) mm

Clean lines, sliver tones, black and white. The design of the Melitta® Cafina® XT6 underlines its high technical quality and contemporary nature.

Melitta - Caffeo® CI®

Origin: Germany

Dimensions: 473(D)X255(W)X352(H) mm

Thanks to "My Coffee" function, coffee strength, temperature, coffee amount, milk, milk froth quantity and other parameters for any coffee specialty can be easily saved in personal profile and retrieved upon request.

Melitta - Bar Cube II

Origin: Germany

Dimension: 500(D)x430(W)x695(H) mm

The metal brew unit enables maintenance free operation for approx. 30,000 coffee products a year. Adapted standard individually configurable light strip. 

Saeco - Royal Professional

Origin: Italy
Dimension: 415(D)x256(W)x315(H) mm

Modern features high reliability and an elegant, stylish design is the description of the Saeco Auto Espresso Machine. 



Origin: Korea

Dimension: 410(D)x270(W)x410(H) mm

Working with independent boilers and rotary pumps, smart designed with automatic adjustment of fineness system and scale prevention.

Solis - Palazzo

Origin: Italy

Dimensions: 365(D)X280(W)X430(H) mm

Professional designed of small foot print with programmable touch pads, with its own water tank and  in built grinder. Able to make milk coffee beverages with the touch of a button.


Faema - Slim Fridge

Origin: Italy

Dimension: 404(D)X207(W)X601(H) mm

Stainless steel Refrigerated unit with a real compressor. Combining with the warming shelf to store cups. Ready to preserves up to 8 liters of milk at any time.