Barker’s, the natural fruit fillings from New Zealand, brings an innovative experience to bakery industry

Foodgears selects a wide range of high quality products to suit customers’ need. Now Foodgears would proudly present Barker’s, the natural fruit fillings from New Zealand. Barker’s takes full advantage of fresh, locally grown fruit from New Zealand and also sources from every major fruit growing region for the best ingredients which turned it into the leading company of sweet and savory fillings in the Australasian food industry.


Foodgears has just held a Barker's Bakery Fillings Demonstration in Hong Kong to introduce the innovative and high quality products of Barker’s. Foodgears’ chef team presented various innovative recipes of bread and pizza by using Barker's products especially the new products - breadshot and savoury fillings that brought new ideas to customers.


In addition, we invited customers to participate in making creative bread with Foodgears’ chef team in order to let customers understand more about its application and uniqueness.


Though this Barker’s product demonstration, hope our valuable customers can have a better understanding on Barker’s and inspre their bakery creations.