Foodgears International Gourmet Night in Zhengzhou & Beijing

On 16 and 19 September, “Foodgears International Gourmet Night” food presentation dinner was held in five-star hotels in Zhengzhou and Beijing respectively, which gave a wonderful journey of tongue for over 100 guests under the elegant atmosphere.

We were honored to invite the famous baking master in China, Mr. Cao Jitong, to explain the new trends of baking and gave his wonderful comments on Foodgears' products for the event in Zhengzhou and Beijing. In addition, we offered a taste of a wide variety of new dishes with high quality ingredient to the presence of customers through our perfect craftsmanship, imagination and experience, which in correspondence showed our professional and innovative spirit.

Certainly, customers had a better understanding of the characteristic of Foodgears’ products and experienced the diversification of high quality ingredients. Confidently, we can establish a stronger relationship with customers and bring more business opportunities in the future.