Surgital founded in 1980. With 30 years experience in pasta-making and deep-freezing technology.  It is the leading producer of fresh frozen pasta for fast food outlets and high-end restaurants in over 50 countries.  The daily production of fresh pasta is more than 135 tonnes.

It guarantees high quality of products as it has certificated with ISO 9001,IFS, BRC, and Kosher, etc.


Selling Point:

  • 100% Italian
  • No additives, preservatives and GMO
  • Applied Individually Quick Frozen (IQF): ensure the products are totally hygienic and can keep for a long time without losing any of its quality


Pastasi, Pastasi Soluzioni Express (SE) and Divine Creazioni (DC) are 3 brands under Surgital, their product range include:

ž   Pastasi: classics of the Italian tradition, e.g. ravioli and gnocchi 

ž   Pastasi Soluzioni Express: precooked short and long frozen pasta (Applied unique steam pre-cooking technique to keep the mouthfeel of pasta al dente)

ž   Divine Creazioni: products are made to emulate shape handmade pasta and used higher quality ingredient as filling



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