Danscorella is one of the key brands of a famous British dairy producer Dairy Partners. To

satisfy the market needs, it provides various kinds of cheese products such as mozzarella,

cheddar, semi-hard cheese, organic series and kids snack cheese developed by its own technical

team. Danscorella is a market leader in British local market and focuses on mozzarella

cheese production with 30,000 tons capacity. It provides various kind of diced and shredded

mozzarella cheese to international well-known pizza chained restaurants.


Product Characteristics:

- Use fresh cheese from local farmers in Britain to ensure product stability

- Use modern production technique to provide high quality products to customers

- No preservatives and artificial flavouring added

- 18-month shelf life which is longer than same type of products in the market

- Creamy and with perfect stretchiness, especially ideal for pizza and baked pasta

- Cheese strings give chewy mouth feel, ideal for making pizza

- BRC highest level certified


Danscorella Products include:

Frozen Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Frozen Diced Mozzarella Cheese


Danscorella Website