Megachef is established in 2002 by the professionals possessing decades of experience in fish sauce and seasoning sauces. Its Sauce is the attempt to capture that wonderful taste once again from the late grandfather of the owner Bhas Nithipitikarn.


Over 100 years ago, traditional methods of producing Asian seasonings bring out fine and beautiful tastes. To capture those splendid tastes of the old days, Megachef practices original methods with modern technologies. The healthiness of their customers is what they pay most attention to. 


Traditional Method collaborate with modern technology


Megachef sauces are created based on these formulas, which defines the premium quality of Megachef Sauces.


Traditional method + Finest ingredient = Best Authentic taste

Modern technology + Natural ingredient = Healthiest Condiments

Authentic + Healthy = Megachef Sauces.