The Laughing Cow was founded in 1865‭, ‬Bel Group specialises in producing dairy products‭. ‬It ranks as third worldwide in branded cheeses with presents‭ ‬in over 120‭ ‬countries‭. ‬Committed to deliver dairy goodness to markets in a portion-packaging format that guarantees product quality‭.‬ "Cubes Mix" is one of the best-selling prodcut with only 18‭ ‬calories per cube it is a healthy choice‭, ‬rich in calcium‭, ‬protein and vitamin D‭. ‬Innovative and individually wrapped in a compact size‭, ‬easy and suitable to enjoy anytime as a good snack‭. 


The Laughing Cow  product include:
- The Laughing Cow Portions Cheese, Cubes Mix, Slices Cheese

- Mini Babybel Cheese

- Kiri Cream Cheese 


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