Grands Moulins de Paris‭ (G.M.P) is a subsidiary of Nutrixo group‭, ‬is involved in the whole wheat chain‭.‬ The excellent reputation of G.M.Pflour‭, ‬based on in-depth knowledge of French wheat‭, ‬makes outstanding technical achievements in professionalism‭. ‬With more than 20‭ ‬mills‭, ‬G.M.P is equipped with the latest technology and can provide the most innovative logistics solutions‭.‬ Commit to maintain high quality standards for products‭. ‬Obtained most of the important certifications‭: ‬ISO 22000‭ ‬and ISO 9001‭.

The milling know-how of G.M.P and its traceability policy guarantee the quality and consistency of its flour with excellent hydration level and easy to use‭. ‬Made from stringently selected wheat varieties‭, ‬the flour is developed to meet the needs and specific requirements of bakers‭. ‬Suitable for making breads‭, ‬biscuits and pizzas‭.‬


G.M.P product include:
- Wheat Flour

- Concentrate Multicereals

- Concentrate Wholemeal, Country

- Concentrate Croissant

- Dark Rye Bread

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