Monte Roble was founded in 1964, is a company which merges the experience acquired from applying leading technology with Iberian traditions and optimum location conditions, right in the epicenter of the Extremadura pastureland in the Western Spain. Monte Roble offer very high quality products, with organoleptic qualities which merge the extensive rearing with the grass and acorn diet, giving them an incomparable aroma, texture and flavour.


Only ham with the appropriate quality is selected for curing. Hand-crafted frames give the ham the traditional “V” cut shape. The salting time varies depending on the weight in order to obtain a product which is slightly salty or sweet. The drying and maturing processes are carried out in a natural drying places with rigorously controlled ventilation and temperature levels. Then, for up to a minimum of 20 months, the ham is aged in cellars, completing the development process until it reaches the aroma and texture which are characteristic of our ham.


Monte Roble products include:
-    Dry Cured Ham Bellota
-    Serrano Dry Cured Ham 
-    Iberian Dry Cured Ham Cebo
-    Iberian Ham Chorizo sliced 
-    Iberian Dry Cured Ham Salami sliced
-    Iberian Dry Cured Ham Loin Bellota sliced

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