Modecor Italiana was found in Italy by 1960. Providing wide range of ideal, colourful and creative decorations products for both pastry, bakery, ice cream and confectionery channels, they focus on all around the world, exporting to Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia.


To be a leading company in the field of decorations products, Modecor is the only similar European company which produces all products from own control or partially-owned factories. They ensure the products always in high quality, besides they respect of the existing regulations in the different markets, it makes some leading companies such as Disney, Barbapapa allow Modecor to present exclusive products to attract those target children.


Modecor products include:
-   Modelling Dough

-   Sugar Fine Grains
-   Sugar Decoration
-   Colouring Powder
-   Gold & Silver
-   Food Colour Spray
-   Isomalto
-   Freezing Spray

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