Founded in 1989, Fattorie Umbre is a well recognized company for the production of typical condiments for Italian cuisine, combines the most advanced technology with the highest respect for Italian culinary traditions.  It exports 70% of its total production to different countries like Germany, Austria, France, the United States and Canada. It is currently at the forefront in the production of its own vast assortment products ranging from creams and pasta condiments characteristic of the Italian Cuisine to red tomato sauces.


Fundamental to our culinary philosophy is the care given in selecting raw materials, special attention is given to vegetables, herbs and spices rigorously chosen for their natural freshness. The same consideration is given to the preservation of the products; no colourings or chemical preservatives are used. Fattorie Umbre has great confidence in its advanced and up to date production system, and its trustworthy, motivated work team who together have grown from stable foundations to reach the high levels reflected by the accredited ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC quality standards.


Fattorie Umbre products include:

- Italian sauces

- Tomato sauces and preserves

- Grilled vegetables

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